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Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine

laser cutting and engraving machine Prakash CMA-1390

Commercially used acrylic or plexiglass (PMMA) have to be cut to perfection for suiting the needs of different users and manufacturers. Weather resistant, durable and capable of being crafted in different ways, they are useful in many industries, these include:

1. Signage

2. Gifts and novelties

3. Pharmaceuticals and medicines

4. Advertising

5. Automobiles

6. Plastics, etc.

Benefits of using acrylic cutting machines with laser technology

1. Our acrylic laser cutting machines at Prakash provide futuristic methods of laser cutting

via non-contact processes.

2. Enabled by the best-in- class laser technology, these machines can handle complicated

graphical designs, delicate geometries and crystal clear edges with flair – thereby producing

high quality products.

3. By using acrylic laser cutting machines, you can dismiss material fixation, thereby saving

upon the money, time and labour costs of your customers.

Acrylic Cutting Machines in India from Prakash

The special exhaust systems installed in our laser machines evict all spare particles and harmful vapours produced during the cutting processes. More so, they are highly customizable and can be tailor-made to suit the immediate and future needs of your organization – be it by virtue of custom designed work tables, working area, laser heads, power, or more. User-friendly and affordable, our acrylic laser cutting machines promise to offer full value for your money.

Watch acrylic cutting in action!

Acrylic laser cutting samples

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