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Laser Marking Machine – The Future of Product Labels

With the advent of modern technology all around us, it’s high time that we advance in small technical instruments, such as a small marking tool also, used to engrave words upon different types of objects. With this, we introduce the all new Laser Marking Machine, delivering on the edge performance, which has never been experienced

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Laser Marking Machine

3 Special Features of Prakash Glass Laser Engraving Machine

  Introduction The Prakash Glass Laser Engraving Machine is basically a great and one of a kind machine for engraving designs on any kind of glass, either for promotional, decorative or just a wonderful look.

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Glass Laser Engraving Machine

Technology Shifts to Laser for Metal Marking on Metal!

The Prakash metal marking machines have been designed to make permanent marks on various metals like copper, gold, platinum, silver and titanium perfectly Suitable for All Metallic Products. The results obtained with this are extremely fast and accurate as compared to other traditional methods. High Quality of the Marking The machines using this light amplification

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Metal Marking Sample

Want to Save Cost, Time and Money? Switch to Prakash Leather Laser Cutting Machines

WHAT IS LASER CUTTING? Laser cutting uses a laser to cut materials and it is typically used for industrial manufacturing purposes. Laser cutting functions by guiding the output of a high-power laser usually through optics. The laser beam generated is directed by optics and CNC (computer numerical control).

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The 10 Basic Factors to Consider When Choosing a CO2 Laser Cutting Machine by Prakash

A laser cutting machine is a laser engraver and designer tool that can cut all kind of material ranging from leather to non-metal. Among the industries where you are likely to find a CO2 laser machine in application are fabric industries, leather industries, shoes industries, cutting acrylic and pen engraving industries. Prakash is the leading

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Prakash CMA 1390 and CMA 1610 works best as fabric laser cutting machine

Are you seeking to design something new or customize fabrics to surpass competition? If yes, then the first thing we need to understand is the benefits of using laser technology in fabric industry. For many good reasons laser cutting and laser engraving has marked its presence in fabric industry like.. Unlike hand cutting, laser cutting

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Fabric Laser Cut