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What is the Difference Between Laser Marking and Laser Engraving?

Government and industry regulations have made it a necessity for product legibility and identification. It is now essential for a product to have a permanent marking that will not only fulfill the regulation but also add discrepancy to one’s products. Laser marking and laser engraving have so far increased in popularity in the recent years.

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Laser Engraved Pens – A Better Option for Customization

In recent times, there has been an enormous shift in the marketing models of all companies. This has majorly been facilitated by the technological advancement that we are witnessing. Most companies are now extensively using social media for advertising but to get an edge over competition, businesses are leaning towards customization as an advertising tool.

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Laser Engraved Pens

Laser Marking and Engraving: How to Brand Your Company Through Laser

A successful business is what an entrepreneur thinks of but it is a herculean task to make it achievable. An essential requirement for any new passionate business enthusiast is to leave a mark behind while moving forward. The resilient ability of an individual can conquer the market despite any amount of tough competition but the

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How to Brand Your Company Through Laser

Advantages of Using Prakash Laser’s Fiber Marking Machine for Your Business

The future is here. Fiber Laser Marking has been essentially reformed by Prakash Laser. The well-designed and highly functional machine comes loaded will a nice set of standard features.

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Fiber Marking Machine

3 Special Features of Prakash Glass Laser Engraving Machine

  Introduction The Prakash Glass Laser Engraving Machine is basically a great and one of a kind machine for engraving designs on any kind of glass, either for promotional, decorative or just a wonderful look.

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Glass Laser Engraving Machine

Laser Technology Leads to an Incarnation of Footwear and Leather Goods

Since times in memorial, bags, shoes, baggage, belts, seats, and a host of other leather products have added much pride to their owner’s collections. Leather continues to awe and inspire the current generation and their choice of products as well. Be it in the form of chic footwear, tablet covers, address card holders, laptop bags,

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