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Prakash CMA 1390 and CMA 1610 works best as fabric laser cutting machine

Are you seeking to design something new or customize fabrics to surpass competition? If yes, then the first thing we need to understand is the benefits of using laser technology in fabric industry. For many good reasons laser cutting and laser engraving has marked its presence in fabric industry like.. Unlike hand cutting, laser cutting

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Laser Technology Leads to an Incarnation of Footwear and Leather Goods

Since times in memorial, bags, shoes, baggage, belts, seats, and a host of other leather products have added much pride to their owner’s collections. Leather continues to awe and inspire the current generation and their choice of products as well. Be it in the form of chic footwear, tablet covers, address card holders, laptop bags,

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Laser Technology: A Boon in Disguise for most Industry Verticals

Laser — a much used acronym for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”, is casting its deep impact on all industrial applications. Catering to the customized and regular demands of different kinds of customers—and in a big way – laser is the new buzzword, globally. Yes, cost effective and innovative laser cutting, engraving and

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Acrylic Laser Cutting – Laser in Acrylic for the Proper Feel and Look

Be it large acrylic product runs or orders that require the highest levels of customization, laser technology is here to stay in the acrylic industry. Offering the smoothest of cuts and superior design metrics at all times, laser machines are being used for cutting, engraving and marking acrylic…..Like never before! Gone are the days when

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