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Why Should We Use Laser Cutting for Architectural Models?

laser cutting for architectural models

Why Should We Use Laser Cutting for Architectural Models?

Using a laser cutter for architectural designs helps you bring your most creative imagination to life. With the use of 3D modelling software such as Sketchup, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD and the rest of them, you can hasten the model making process and build awesome projects, while saving lots of time, in contrast to the traditional method. For the most accurate designs here are a few reasons you should use laser cutting for architectural models:

Offers countless choice of materials

Laser cutting technology is flexible enough to cut or shape any kind of material used for making architectural models, such as wood, paper, MDF, foam, PMMA, veneers, cardboard, polystyrene, textiles and a host of them.

Easy to use

Compared to traditional scissors, laser cutting takes less time because the laser parameters are indicated already and the design program already has the layout for the models already printed. With this technology, you can be certain that cutting will be done accurately and quickly, thereby saving you man-hours.

Single tool usage

The laser tool is the universal tool for all the designs, shapes, and materials, no matter how intricate or complex. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the thickness of the material, shape and the design requirement, as well as the cost of buying and maintaining so many tools.

Reduced cost of production and waste

Laser cutting does the cutting process very accurately and does not produce shavings from the material. Notably, disposing of these residues are quite expensive. So, you not only save cost during production, you also blot out the cost of shavings which is expensive to rid of.

Create beautiful designs

With laser cutting technology, there are almost no limits to the level of imaginations you can create. No matter how intricate your imaginations are, you can bring them to life without the aid of any other tool. Intricate designs such as filigree and some other geometric shapes can be precisely cut with only laser. So, with this major advantage, you can be sure to create the finest designs.

Intense precision and detailing

Laser cutting does not restrict the number models that you can create. Very detailed geometric shapes with maximum precision can be created by using this technology. In addition to this freedom, is the quality of engraving that comes with the surface textures and the exterior. Your presentation will stand out from the crowd as one of high quality.

Impeccable cutting and engraving results

With maximum precision of laser technology, you can expect nothing but a flawless result. The façade structures and engraved structures have optimal results without the need for post processing. Notable, manual processing of milled edges is costly and time consuming and can also lead to a complete damage if improperly handled. This isn’t the case with laser cutting technology- with a computer program doing the most part of the job, there no risks and you save time and money.

No post-processing of materials

Contrary to what applies with laser machine cutting, where the material has to be firmly clamped before processing to avoid a fiasco, this isn’t the case with this technology. No preamble is required; you simply insert the material and turn the laser on to produce an impeccable laser cutting for architectural designs. This way, you save man-hours and money.



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