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Acrylic Laser Cutting – Laser in Acrylic for the Proper Feel and Look

Acrylic Laser Cutting – Laser in Acrylic for the Proper Feel and Look

Be it large acrylic product runs or orders that require the highest levels of customization, laser technology is here to stay in the acrylic industry. Offering the smoothest of cuts and superior design metrics at all times, laser machines are being used for cutting, engraving and marking acrylic…..Like never before!

Gone are the days when conventional processing systems were used in the acrylic industry for creating signs, gifts and other promotional materials. Now, laser systems are scoring with their high flexibility rate and versatile options; smooth and polished cutting edges that require no rework; force-less and contact-less processing means; freely selectable contours; single-step laser cutting and engraving processes; and a lot more. With smart and updated open software structures and optical recognition systems in place, laser techniques and tools are surely making their presence felt in the acrylic industry, and how!


Laser in Acrylics Industry- Point of Purchase, Advertising, Point of Sale

A simple announcement is just a small step in the successful launch of any product. There is a lot that goes into presenting products the right way and making potential buyers come forth to choose and buy them. This is where displays and presenters made of acrylic, processed ably with the latest laser cutting systems, come in handy because of their quality and elegance. Going a long way in convincing clients about the supreme quality of the marketed products, these giveaways in acrylic serve as eye-catchers and provide a peep into the laser cutting, marking and engraving abilities of laser-based systems.

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Lasers and Acrylics — the Combination

As compared to other technologies, lasers have numerous advantages in their usage in processing acrylics. Minimal finishing is necessary for all worked-upon products. Any other form of cutting method is bound to create sharp edges that require polishing, burring and milling. This is totally avoided with the use of lasers. Saving on costs, but more importantly, saving on time involved, the cut imparted by a laser on acrylics tends to be very clean, and requires no finishing work.

Laser also brings with it the added advantage of lesser handling; lessening the risk of damage and injury to personnel; and etching of finer lines on acrylic based products. It is a commonly known fact that each kind of acrylic material and thicknesses needs specialized tools. This can be avoided with the use of lasers for cutting and finishing. While the alternate methods call for clamps and related materials, which, besides being cumbersome, cause time overlays and potential damages to the acrylic material; with laser cutting, the material can be held in place by using vacuum cups


Generating Better Acrylic Sales

With the use of lasers in acrylic, the applications of this material increases manifold. The input of dexterous processes and finely engineered tools leads to a wider acceptance of acrylic. A special coating is also provided for making acrylic completely flame retardant and less combustible. This in turn offers higher sales volumes and better economies of scale, thereby bringing the acrylic industry closer to various industry verticals. The laser-acrylic combination allows for better aesthetics and premium-quality presentation. Since laser cutting is precise, contact-free and clean, it brings about better results than that imparted through traditional means.


Future of Acrylic with Laser Driven Technology

The wide acceptance of acrylic has brought in many day to day applications of this material. Considered once as a material for spacecrafts and astronauts only, today, the use of lasers has brought about a significant reduction in the cost of working with the same, making its application and acceptance easy. The future of acrylic is completely laser driven, and for good reasons too. With laser bringing in the best in precision, high-quality and fine cuts, why should acrylic industry watchers look elsewhere!

Enjoy the advent of lasers in acrylic and take your business to the next level of success!




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