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Laser Marking Machines

Laser marking is typically a delicate process of creating a depth by removing the surface material, especially with the purpose of modifying its reflectivity and contrast. The laser marking systems at Prakash are designed for non-contact processes. They offer better and more reliable solutions in terms of stability and deformity.

Ranking high on the list of high quality laser marking machine manufacturing units in India, Prakash offers four types of effective laser marking machines for your industry requirements. Each of these machines has different laser sources such as fiber or co2. Offering fine outputs and quality, our laser marking machines are used for diverse kinds of metal marking processes. Their applications in the advertising industry, barcode industry, wedding cards industry, etc. have earned these laser machines high repute.

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CO2 Laser

Co2 laser marking machine uses co2 gas in a sealed tube as a laser  …

Fiber laser

Fiber laser marking machine is the most accepted among the laser  …

End Diode Laser

End-diode laser marking machine remain in high demand due to its rigid  …

Deep Engraving Laser

Deep engraving laser marking machines are used where there is …

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