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Laser Pen Engraving Machine

In the contemporary times ridden by technology, custom engraving of different types of personal products, such as pens, is connecting people socially and commercially. Be it in the form of contact information, brand name, company logos, or other graphical designs, our laser pen engraving machines promise to make the right difference, in the easiest of ways.

As one of the leading laser machine manufacturers in India, Prakash offers the highest quality and service standards in all its products. Our exhaustive range of engraving and cutting machines is very useful for creating beautiful, tailor made products with more precision, less cost inputs, lower labour costs, and negligible consumables.

Why should I use laser technology for pen engraving?

  1. Laser engraving being operated by computer, gives you the flexibility to change the design or text of the engraving anytime you like without any loss of time and money.
  2. For smooth functioning, the machine can be easily integrated with production line or for the small companies a customized fixture of 7 pens as shown in the video below can be used.
  3. Unlike the regular printing process, laser engraving is a permanent process.
  4. Engraving through laser requires no consumables during the process hence reducing the production cost.
  5. It causes no pollution due to its proper exhaust system which is not possible with chemical etching process.
  6. Being a non-contact and an automatic process, laser engraving gives your product a more finished look increasing the customer satisfaction.
  7. All our laser machines are controlled by computer, which makes possible for a single person to easily handle 4-5 machines hence reducing the cost of labour.

Which machine is used for Laser Pen Engraving?

Though the most acceptable machine for Pen Industry is Fiber laser marking machine but still depending upon some factors like material of the pen, company’s production etc the type of machine to be used needs to be discussed.Our team would be happy to help you decide which machine will be most beneficial for your company.

Laser Pen Engraving in Action!

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