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Laser Technology: A Boon in Disguise for most Industry Verticals

Laser Technology: A Boon in Disguise for most Industry Verticals

Laser — a much used acronym for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”, is casting its deep impact on all industrial applications. Catering to the customized and regular demands of different kinds of customers—and in a big way – laser is the new buzzword, globally.

Yes, cost effective and innovative laser cutting, engraving and marking laser machines are indeed an order of the day. Read on for how laser-marked parts of mobile telephone keypads, electric toothbrushes, bath scrubbers, gear shifts in autos, solar cells, brand-name cookware, MP3 players…….. The list is endless……..are making their way into all kinds of industries, anytime and anywhere!

Laser Marking and Engraving Technology — Power Packed with Features

Laser engraving and cutting machines are loaded with features like high accuracy, smooth incision, fast speed, exact curve fitting, narrow kerf that help in cutting acrylic materials, precision machining, advertising LOGO inlay, enterprise licensing agent, engraving duotone breast plate, etc.  All these features are being lapped up by different industries: electrics, metal cutting, medical, metal engraving, wood work, auto industry, fabrics and materials, electrical switches, sports, plastic marking, branding, etc. to cast the right effect .

Benefits of Using Laser Technology

Time and technology has catapulted us into a world where laser marking, etching, and engraving processes are improving upon the cost and quality metrics of various industries. High precision laser engravings and laser markings are being achieved on different kinds of surfaces including silver, brass, gold, copper, titanium, platinum, carbide, stainless steel, medical-grade alloys, aluminum and plastics alike.

  • Laser markings are reputed for durability, high temperature assistance, and micro coded markings that do not use acids, toxic solvents, or inks on all kinds of bio-compatible bases.
  • These markings and engraving do not fade or become less discernible with the passage of time.
  • Laser applications improve upon the aesthetics and monetary value of different products by making them more attractive for higher market penetration.
  • Laser marking solutions are contact and tamperproof free, and withstand corrosion, abrading, and scuffing to help the cause of counterfeit / forgery prevention, product tracking, and so forth.

Food Industry

Laser is used for marking brands, codes, and all kinds of nutrition related information on the face of ready-to-buy food packages. Offering steady performance, fine lines, and continuous working capacity, the relevant laser applications are proving to be pollution-free, non-toxic, odorless and low processing cost methods for long term use.

Signage Industry

Different kinds of signs made from metals and non-metals signs are bending towards laser engraving technology for creating the right impact on their viewer’s minds. These days, signs are being customized via Corel Draw and then transmitted to laser machines for producing high-quality signs that promise to make heads turn, and how!

Garment Industry

Laser cutting technology is helping garment manufacturers obtain standard sized, small deviation clothing materials with low cost and high efficiency inputs in place. Graphics of different shapes and sizes can be crafted with computer aided designs and engraved on fabrics by using laser machines.

Automotive & Aviation Industry

Laser application systems can be used for marking safety factor signs, 2D digital barcodes, production dates, trademarks, serial numbers and shift codes on different spare parts being used in this industry. Characterized by the features of anti-chemical agents, rust prevention and permanence, these marking are setting benchmarks for other industrial applications as well.

It’s indeed a boon that the laser system technology is evolving rapidly. It has paved the way for permanent, direct / part marking of logos / numbers / codes to become an essential for many industries……….with many more waiting to be impacted!

Posted ByPrakash LaserOnNovember 19,2015