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Laser Technology Leads to an Incarnation of Footwear and Leather Goods

Laser Technology Leads to an Incarnation of Footwear and Leather Goods

Since times in memorial, bags, shoes, baggage, belts, seats, and a host of other leather products have added much pride to their owner’s collections. Leather continues to awe and inspire the current generation and their choice of products as well. Be it in the form of chic footwear, tablet covers, address card holders, laptop bags, fancy hold-alls, or more, there’s no dearth of ways in which laser-cut leather is making heads turn.

Today, laser applications are being widely used in the shoe and belt manufacturing industries. If you look around carefully, you will find plentiful bags and other products with laser aiding engravings. Best-in-class and upgraded laser machines are being used for cutting, engraving and hollowing out interesting patterns on different kinds of leather materials. They are also impacting the engraving of non pertaining blind slots to create diversified magical patterns with different textures, depths and color transitions. Overall, laser is enriching traditional processing styles and techniques with its flexible, simple, efficient and accurate processing operations. Well-conceived laser inputs sustain the texture and original color of leather and are ensuring best returns for their users and leather products manufacturers.

Additionally, laser technology is being radically adopted by this industry in marking logos on leather gloves, belts and other goods such as mobile covers, diaries, holsters, etc. Yes, there are endless possibilities when it comes to laser marking, be it on linen, filer pad, felt, cotton, insulation substance or leather.

Here are few things to know about laser marking on leather products.

Laser Cutting and Leather Products

Gone are the days when markings on leather were courtesy time-consuming banding / pressure stamping processes that involved the production of physical stamps, considerable work, and high processing expenses. The advent of laser technology has made the task considerably easier and far more impactful. Customizable to the core, laser technology is helping leather manufacturers create tailor-made designs and patterns to suit all client requirements – however big or small.

CO2 laser systems are being put to use for cutting intricate designs and patterns on high-quality leather used for manufacturing shoes, footwear, bags, belts, and so forth. Requiring little space for work completion, this laser aided marking process gives off a typical odor that makes proper ventilation a necessity. Also, because of the use of laser inputs, the requirements of personnel, human interaction, and supporting facilities are greatly reduced. These marking processes lead to very few man-made errors, high quality metrics, and a low production period.

Ways in which Leather Impacts the Effects of Laser

The color and type of leather used affect the laser marking result. For instance, light-colored leather supports laser in the best possible way. While stained or tanned leather leads to an impactful appearance and contrast, dark colored leather highlights all kinds of engraved graphics distinctly. Whether it is about creating a subtle look or making graphics and cuts more prominent via the right laser inputs, there is no dearth of possibilities with this technology.

Benefits of Low Power & Costs

The process of laser marking on leather products uses very low power.  Just a few moments of trial and error are enough for getting the appropriate settings for the laser cutting machine. As laser applications are computer controlled, they do not involve much manual work, thereby increasing work overall work efficiency and reducing overall labor costs.

No End to Leather Marking Possibilities

Graphics, texts, photos and all other kinds of impressions work equally well on leather products.  Third-party software programs, with presets for smarter and new ideas for leather laser marking, are factoring in many new features, leading to impressive results!

Go for laser technology if you are a part of the leather industry – you won’t be disappointed!



Posted ByPrakash LaserOnNovember 25,2015