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Pad Printing Machines

Pad printing is a printing process used to transfer a 2-D image from the cliche via a silicon pad on to a 3-D object. The unique property of silicon enables it to transfer the image on any type of surface like cylindrical, flat, spherical or irregular. Due to this property this technology is used maximum to print on otherwise difficult to print products. It is widely used in medical industry, electronics industry, computer keys, golf balls, hockey pucks, toy industry, and many others. We have categorized pad printing into three categories depending upon the mechanism used in each.

Electro Pneumatic

Electro-pneumatic machines use both electricity and pneumatic system for working. These machines run on 100% festo pneumatics and can  …

Electro Mechanical

Electro-mechanical machines use only electricity for working. CPE-50 is a single colour and is widely used in labelling …

Manual Machines

Manufactured with the finest quality raw material, our manual machines are very compact in structure, light in weight and easy to operate …

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