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3padprint(electromechanical CPE 50)

Electro-mechanical machines use only electricity for working. CPE-50 is a single colour and is widely used in labelling and marking products in different industries.Apart from this it has customers in many other sectors like computer cases, measuring equipment, electronic equipment, tools, pens, car accessories etc.

  1. High Speed, versatile & user friendly.
  2. Compact and Robust structure to fit well into the harsh industrial environment.
  3. Open inkwell/ closed cup type.
  4. Working table standard part of machine.
  5. Hardened & ground shafts.
  6. Power Supply : Five ampere single phase.
  7. 100% festo pneumatics
  8. Easy to shift
  9. Microprocessor based system
  10. ISO 9001 certified
  11. Machine can run on continous operation for 24-40……hrs
  12. Consistent printing results for 10000-20000…… printing cycles.
  13. Well-Designed machine body to absorb virations and shocks due to air pressure
Nos. of colors 1
Cliche Size 70x140x10
Max.Diameter Print 50mm
Max.speed 50Cyles/Min.
speed setting speed control
Max. Height Of Object 50
Max. Pad Pressure 7kgf.
Max. Tapon Stroke 60.
Power Consumption 0.1 HP
Dimensions(LXHXW) 600x600x300 MM
Weight 30kg.
  1. Inks
  2. Cliche Plates
  3. Ink additives
  4. Pads
  5. Ceramic ring cups
  6. Ink consumables
  7. MSDS and TDS sheets
  8. Thinner and retarder

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It works on wide variety of materials like plastics, metals, glass, ceramic, vinyl, rubber, polypropylene, leather, acrylic, cotton, even food items and more.

Application industries
  1. Electronic components- cables, connectors, IC chips, relays, etc.
  2. Keys on digital media- calculators, telephones and computer keyboards
  3. Household Appliances- iron, VCR, TV, coffee pots, telephones, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers
  4. Toys -, dolls, cars, infant bottles, pacifiers, rattles and night lights
  5. Sporting Goods -golf balls, baseballs, tennis rackets, footballs
  6. Others- pens, lighters, key chains, clocks, watch faces
CPE 50

Being light weight and at affordable price, CPE-50 is ideal for integration into fast-running production systems where smaller cliché sizes and lower pressure levels are sufficient. It is widely used in many different sectors of industry like electronics, paper, pens, ceramics etc

How are electro-mechanical different from electro-pnuematic pad printing machines ?

Electro-mechanical pad printing machines operate under electrical power only an  Electro-pneumatic machines on other hand are controlled by both pneumatic and electrical systems.

How does Pad Printing work?

Simple steps to working of pad printing …
– Image is etched in a plate.
– The plate is flooded with ink and wiped clean, leaving ink in the etched area only.
– The surface of the ink becomes tacky causing in to cling to the printing pad and sealing that side of the ink film.
– Pad lifts the ink and exposes the other side of the ink film; ink becomes tacky and sticks to the part.

On what type of products does the Pad printing work well?

pad printing can be done on a very wide range of substrates, including plastics, metals, glass, ceramic, vinyl, rubber, polypropylene, leather, acrylic, cotton, even food items and more. Though it is not a documentation printer but it can be used for printing on paper products, for instance paper cubes or napkins.

What is main advantage of pad printing machine over other printing machines?

The main advantage of pad printing is its flexibility and ability to print so well even on irregular surfaces which cannot be done on machines like screen printing etc

Can it print on curved surface

Yes, it can print of curved surface.

Can this print on complete round surface also

No, it can print on curved surface but not on complete round surface.

what are pad printing transfer pads made of?

Pad printing transfer pads are made of pure silicon.

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