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Manual Pad Printing Machines


Manufactured with the finest quality raw material, our Manual machines are very compact in structure, light in weight and easy to operate. These machines require no electricity and no maintenance. Due it’s high efficiency and optimum performance, manual machines are widely used in all the industries bottles, caps, bulbs, switches, pen ,diary logos and many more.. we have two types of manual pad printing machines depending upon the print size and cliche plate.

  1. Compact structure
  2. 500-700 impressions per hour
  3. fabricated as per ISO standards
  4. No electricity required
  5. No Air-compressor required
  6. Speed- 500 pcs per hour
  7. Energy efficient
  8. Convenient to move
  9. Simple to operate
Nos. of colors1
Cliche Plate70x140x10100x210x10
Maximum Print Sizedia 50dia 80
Maximum height of object90mm
Max. tampon stroke70mm100mm
  1. Inks
  2. Cliche Plates
  3. Ink additives
  4. Pads
  5. Ceramic ring cups
  6. Ink consumables
  7. MSDS and TDS sheets
  8. Thinner and retarder

We provide all the above consumables at best possible prices. For more details contact   Mr.Naveen Gupta:: 9871377550

  • Bottle Caps
  • Electronics – MCB, Bulbs, CFL, Switches
  • Stationery – Pens, Paper Weight, Staplers, Punching Machine, Logo on Diaries
  • Others – Key Chains, Lighters, Bottles.
Manual pad printing machine 1

This handy pad printing machine is comes with a print area of 50 mm and max.tampon stroke of 70mm.

Manual pad printing machine 2

This handy pad printing machine is comes with a print area of 80 mm and max.tampon stroke of 100mm.

What is the approximate weight of this manual pad printing machine?

30 kg

Can it run without electricity?

Yes it can run without electricity

How many pieces can be produced in an hour?

Approximate 500 pcs.

Can this print on complete round surface also?

No, it can print on curved surface but not on complete round surface.

what are pad printing transfer pads made of?

Pad printing transfer pads are made of pure silicon.

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