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Prakash CMA 1390 and CMA 1610 works best as fabric laser cutting machine

Prakash CMA 1390 and CMA 1610 works best as fabric laser cutting machine

Are you seeking to design something new or customize fabrics to surpass competition? If yes, then the first thing we need to understand is the benefits of using laser technology in fabric industry.

For many good reasons laser cutting and laser engraving has marked its presence in fabric industry like..

  1. Unlike hand cutting, laser cutting is a non-contact process which requires no material fixation and uses a beam of laser for cutting or engraving fabric.
  2. Lasers does not cause the edges to fray or form lint. This results in a very clean and tidy work environment.
  3. With the help of laser technology, it is now possible to engrave beautiful designs on any fabric for enhancing its looks.
  4. With laser Cutting the fabric can be cut in complex designs with ease where as in hand cutting the results lie in worker’s hand.
  5. Laser cutting has relatively more speed as it can cut repeated pattern in a few seconds and with high precision. Hand cutting and blade cutting on other hand require hours of work with less precision.
  6. A single person with little learning can easily handle 4-5 machines whereas the traditional methods require more man power to complete the same tasks.
  7. The process of cutting with laser is more efficient in terms of cost, labour, time and speed as compared to the traditional processes.

CMA 1390 and CMA 1610 by prakash provides a perfect solution for fabric cutting and engraving. Along with the precise results it gives you a wide area for the wider raw material to be placed conveniently. Also its special pass through door design gives an added benefit to start cutting through fabric roll.

Various Applications of lasers on fabric

  1. Tags on garments.
  2. Window Blinds – Anything from a softcopy of image be it a photo, company logo or graphical design, can be easily printed on the window blinds fabric to stand out in the market.
  3. Engraving cotton to make beautiful self designs.
  4. Engrave or cut various fabrics to make beautiful dresses, cushion covers and other designer items.
  5. Carpets and rugs

Carpet Engraving

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