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Laser Cutting Machines

Laser cutting and engraving machines by Prakash offers a wide variety of cutting and engraving options on different types of materials like acrylic, leather, wood, fabric ,plastic etc with high speed and accuracy.Cutting and engraving through laser is a non-contact process which makes the running and maintaining procedure quite easy. Here , we can provide

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Laser Marking Machines

Laser marking is a fine process where a depth is created by removing the material of the surface and hence modifying its contrast and reflectivity. Being a non-contact process this marking system gives more reliability in terms of deformity and stability. We here at prakash, provide you with four types of laser marking machines, each

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Pad Printing Machines

Pad printing is a printing process used to transfer a 2-D image from the cliche via a silicon pad on to a 3-D object. The unique property of silicon enables it to transfer the image on any type of surface like cylindrical, flat, spherical or irregular. Due to this property this technology is used maximum

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