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Neetu Bedi

Neetu Bedi

We were spending approximately Rs.35 per piece on pen stand while importing from China. When we were introduced to the laser cutting machine and its benefits by Mr. Naveen we were little worried whether we would be able to do production with no prior experience.

It was a bog decision for us last year when we finally purchased and got it commissioned at our Jungpura office and started production. The ease of setup, operations, consistent service, dependability, reliability, flexibility and support of Prakash Offset Machinery ltd had been a key factor in the success of this project not only with the finished quality but also a major saving in the final cost. The cost of production of these pen stands dipped to Rs 13/- net which nearly saved 8 lacs this financial year for Primary Plus Media Ltd.

Our satisfaction with this product have been 500% and would certainly look forward to have more such machines from Prakash Offset.

Posted ByPrakash LaserOnJune 2,2015