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Standard Features Of Laser Cutting Machine

1. Visible red dot pointer- Red light positioning device indicates the location of laser head and eliminate the trouble about manual positioning.

2. Air assist- with air assist, you can remove the combustible heat and gasses from the cutting surface, thus you will have a better cutting quality.

3. LCD panel- Crystal display for the friendly interface and make the operation more convenient and flexible to use.

4. Top quality optics-Imported silicon reflectors with a wavelength of 10.6 micrometre and diameter 25.4mm to give better efficiency.

5. Motion control system- The laser controllers, RD 4.23 allow the system to work faster and have a much better cutting and engraving quality.

6. High quality and long life laser tube.

7. Imported japanese bearings and guide rails for precise movement of laser head.

8.Honeycomb design work table to give better vaccum to hold the material.

9. Water protection- This feature protects the laser tube when the water cooling system is not working.

10.Pass through door design- This design feature helps to cut the long materials which longer than the machine itself.

11. Closed loop chiller (100 W and greater)- Click here for technical specifications of chillar.

Suitable for laser Power100 Watt
Temperature Range50°C to Ambient
Cooling capacity @10°C500 WattReciprocating Compressor
Temperature Controller+ 2°C
Pumping capacity10-15Lpm – Magnetic DC Pump
Power Requirement230 VoltSingle Phase50 Hz AC Only
Water bath capacity15 Liter – SS304
Chiller BodyMS/ GI powder Coated
TankSS 304
Dimension ( LxDxH) approx17x20x15 inches with wheel
AlarmHigh/ Low TemperatureLow water Flow
Potential free contact for M/CYes

12. Smart carver controller- This high-tech controller is based on 32 bit DSP technology to get the improved performance.

13.32M (or higher) mass memory unit- This feature simultaneously saves many work data and does not loose the closed down document which makes the batch work easy.

14.USB data interface.

15. Power Supply 80 watts.

16. Laser software- Uses is a professional software that controls the system settings. It has plug-in for AutoCAD, CorelDraw and photoshop.

17.Triple exhaust system- Exhaust the smoke/fume roundly

18. Laser tool kit