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Technology Shifts to Laser for Metal Marking on Metal!

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Technology Shifts to Laser for Metal Marking on Metal!

The Prakash metal marking machines have been designed to make permanent marks on various metals like copper, gold, platinum, silver and titanium perfectly Suitable for All Metallic Products. The results obtained with this are extremely fast and accurate as compared to other traditional methods.

High Quality of the Marking

The machines using this light amplification method creates a long lasting impression on the metal surface. The design to be marked is entered into the controller which then instructs the laser beam to move over the surface accordingly. The moment the beam hits the surface, a reaction takes place in which the metal melts to form a mark which is permanent and more precise in looks.


There are various types of marking methods available under this technology. Some of them are:



In this process, the beam removes the upper coat of material to create a mark. The difference in the color of top coat and substrate creates a mark.


Annealing Marking:

In this process of metal marking the laser beam creates oxidation process. The oxidation process creates change in color, and a mark is formed.

The methods are practiced across many industrial verticals. Both these methods are extremely simple for the operator and cost effective.


Different Types Depending Upon Source

There are many types of systems depending upon the type of source of radiation it uses in the machine for the marking process. The main types are,

  • Co2 marking system, Fiber laser marking system, End diode marking system, and Deep Engraving laser marking system.
  • Different types of industries prefer different setups depending upon the power, work area, and source etc. according to their specific requirements.


Advantages of using Prakash Laser Metal Marking Machine


Using this radiation technology has many advantages over the traditional marking methods. Some of them are listed below:


  1. It is a contactless ease operational marking method and hence does not affect the integrity of the metal structure.
  2. Unlike traditional methods, the mark engraved on the surface is permanent and cannot be eroded easily.
  3. The results obtained by a laser are far better than any other method like pin marking or pad printing in terms of precision and quality. Also, it gives an additional benefit of low maintenance and almost negligible consumables with this technology, hence decreasing the running cost of the company.
  4. All the Prakash Metal Marking machines are controlled by computer and are easy to maintain and operate.
  5. The machines use Windows based Controller for simplified operations. The Use of this technology saves time and energy and hence reduces the production cost prices in the industry. A single person with a little experience and know-how can easily operate 4-5 machines decreasing the labour cost.
  6. Prakash laser machines are accompanied by high grade chiller which helps preventing the heating up of machines.
  7. These machines can be used for metal surfaces of any size and shape. For cylindrical or conical objects, a special rotary attachment can be provided with the machine. Precision is the important feature of such marking. Every mark is engraved perfectly as per the design entered in the controller.



Hence, Metal Marking Machine embedded with a laser is the best solution when it comes to making marks on metal surfaces.



Posted ByPrakash LaserOnJanuary 27,2017