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The Present & Future of Laser Technology in the Leather Shoe Industry

The Present & Future of Laser Technology in the Leather Shoe Industry

The leather and shoe industry, globally, is witnessing a paradigm shift in the ways in each it is manufacturing products with the help of laser-driven technology


The Traditional Shoe Industry

Traditionally, the leather industry has been relying on handicrafts and manual labor efficiency for making bags, shoes, suitcases, boots, purses, and all other kinds of footwear. However, there are some big changes in the reckoning now! The introduction of lasers in this field has brought about many advantages to complement the hand-driven industry and create benchmarked products of very high-quality. Immensely cost-effective and time saving, laser technology makes way for very intricate designs to be implemented with relative ease. And what’s more? The power consumed is very low too!

So, rather than being in conflict with the established modes of operations in the leather shoe industry, the new technology is complementing all traditional methods to the hilt. In other words, smartly driven laser machines are going a long way in bringing out the designs and works that could not have been achieved earlier.


How is Laser Technology Aiding Industry Workers

The incorporation of 3D laser printing technology in the leather industry has introduced average common workers to operational means and methods that were so long enjoyed by big ticket companies only. With the best quality engravings and cuts being attained at the lower skilled worker level, big corporations are enjoying lesser lags between the conceptualization and realization of work. This in turn is allowing for efficient product-prototyping and production of cost-efficient variants for faster inroads into the market. . Overall, laser technology is providing shoe manufacturers with limitless freedom of design, and form, and is being utilized in unusual ways. With a wider adaptation of laser based tools and techniques, the future may see many more effective and smother methods of working.


The Future of Laser in the Leather Shoe Industry

Today, the processes that utilize 3D lasers for the cause of footwear manufacture are limited to the more rigid parts of the shoe. With further advancements and more sophisticated inclusions of technology, industry lasers will be dominating all other aspects of the leather shoe industry as well. An increased adaptation of the nascent technology would mean cheaper and more affordable systems that will make the leather and shoe industry a lot more price competitive. For instance, laser sintering is aiding the application of complex geometry in the laser industry, and how!

In the days to comes. laser would cause the leather industry to move away from labor dependant forms of manufacturing to more automated, machine dependant processes. This will help in the avoiding / minimizing of the human element; which at times is very difficult to handle and control. Flexible and versatile in every way, laser technology will obviously lead to the replication of the original design in different variants. Also, laser machines will also be implemented for churning out work that is so far done manually because of high dexterity demands.


Economics of using Lasers in the Shoe Industry

More powerful lasers are providing cleaner and sharper cutting of leather for better finished products and higher revenues. The automated laser driven industry offers economies of scale, thereby leading to consistent and high-quality production in even the smallest of the manufacturing units. With minimal room for errors, the standardization of products and convenient operations is an order of the day in automated systems.


Laser Removes Various Stigmas

The traditional leather industry is not considered very environmentally friendly. The image of the industry nourished by the common man is that of a very dirty one. The adoption of lasers can bring about a radical change in this stereotypical image, thereby removing the stigmas attached to the leather industry. Moreover, with lesser labor-intensive processes in place, the overall work environment in the leather shoe industry can be better managed, kept clean, and remain in control.

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